Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Meeting Dr Jitendra Singh after his induction in Union Cabinet

       Dr Darakhshan Meets Dr Jetender Singh
    Presents a Memorandum for the Prime Minister

31st May 2014 (New Delhi): Socialistic Democratic Party President Dr Darakhshan Andrabi today held a detailed meeting with Dr Jitender Singh, Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office at New Delhi. She presented a Memorandum for the Prime Minister regarding the state of Jammu & Kashmir. In her memorandum SDP President demanded a special economic and employment package for the state of J&K. She also demanded the establishment of a mega Industrial base in the state for giving a boost to the state's shattered economy. Dr Andrabi demanded special concession in Power sector to the state of Jammu & Kashmir in lieu of the Indus Water Treaty. Dr Jitender Singh assured Dr Andrabi that the new government under the leadership of Narendra Modi will be working on a new J&K policy where politics of exploitation and opportunism is not encouraged. He assured Dr Darakhshan of special economic up-liftment of J&K in the days to come.

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